by Open mHealth

Never lose your health data, even if you lose your phone.

How does this work?

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How does this work?

Download & setup Hipbone on your phone.

Hipbone connects to your Health App data.

Whenever there's new data, Hipbone securely backs it up to your Dropbox.

Every time new Health App data is created, Hipbone automatically backs it up to your Dropbox.

Keep your Health App data safe. You'll always have your data handy if you lose your phone, or switch to a new one.

Hipbone makes your data yours.

Whether the Health App data is from your iPhone, Misfit, Nike Fuelband or Jawbone UP, Hipbone will always keep your data safe and in your possession.

Are you ready to back up your Health App data?

Hipbone is now available for iOS.

Hipbone is powered by


If you're a developer interested in building iOS apps that store HealthKit data off the device, Granola can help you format your data.

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